Making a River Flow Back Up a Mountain


A good (yet long) rant by Dr. Don Taylor, which is a common (yet wonderful) formula he always uses.  🙂

As I continue my work in developing early years assessments with the goal of creating real change, Don reminds me (and others) to ” never forget that even though we are looking for pure data in our research, kids will always act like kids.”

Don often reminds us that survey research is about much more than the results.  It’s about participating in real change in communities.  One of the six foundational principles of the Holistic Assessment Approach is “Focusing on Creating Change.”  Most often real change comes when you assess and impact learning that goes beyond the walls of the classroom, involving parents and communities.  This inevitably leads to changing the values, attitudes and behaviours of individuals in order to see incremental change.

Watch Don Taylor’s rant at:

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