App-Review Twitter for iPhone


Day 1: 8pm - I am not sure if you read the thread, (link back to the older post) but this is the start of my 21-day experiment to get a blog started about some of the things I am passionate about – Web, mobile, apps and gadgets.

I think I will start small with an App review, I hope this format works for everyone.


Here is my two cents on Twitter apps: I have about 6 of them. I use Tweetdeck, Twinkle, Twitt Pic, HootSuite Lite, Twitteriffic (friken Chirp) etc. What seems to keep happening is that more and more tools are being launched, but we keep resorting back to what is simple and easy. Tweetie 2 was great for the posting and quick read options. It had excellent connection to the camera, Geo-taging, tracking Hastgas, often used @usernames, and a great URL Shrinker… Forget the 100 other options that you would not know existed, unless you were a power user and went looking for them. Recently, Apple bought the third-party Tweetie app, making it the official Twitter application. Where it originally cost 3 bucks, the new Twitter for iPhone app is now free.

It really is about the simple nav, and the load speed.


Speed: Super fast to open, load and search

Interface: Easy to use, the interface is what makes this. Everything is where it should be and if you don’t need it, the tools are tucked away.

Cost: FREE