Education hasn’t changed — the way we
approach it has

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New tools are creating dramatic changes in how educators across the world approach learning and assessment. Technology, whether it’s mobile, interactive or a number of other emerging tools, has played a key role in this disruption, placing a greater emphasis on personalized learning to satisfy our restless curiosity for evaluating the world we live in.

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Technology provides educators with a greater flexibility to better meet the needs of their learners, and facilitates an approach of prescribing less and enabling more, no matter what stage of learning students are at, from early kindergarten to university and workplace learning. Innovation in education has created a need to re-evaluate the very nature in which we develop curricula and approach assessment.

“The magic is not in just building technology into education for the sake of it; we’re doing it to increase engagement, increase speed of results and track the minutia of the education experience. Even if its not visible to the learner, that’s where growth and change can happen,” says bv02’s Educational consultant Jarrett Laughlin. bv02 helps companies and educational organizations use technology to impact education at all stages of the learning process. We combine technology, creativity and sound learning principles to facilitate lifelong learning, holistic education and effective assessment programs across Canada.


Our solutions enable engaging learning experiences, self-assessment, timely feedback, progressive monitoring and the ability to view results in community context. Partnering with education experts, we create engaging frameworks for education and effective assessment models that drive learning and create opportunities for growth in individuals and communities.


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Our Education Projects

Project: CMN Beluga Cam

Before the whales were expected at Arctic Watch, bv02 set up and began testing a streaming server to capture the video from the Inlet. Once captured, we would convert and rebroadcast the video, making it available over the internet and within the Museum.

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