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Sitecore 7: Benefits from a Marketing Perspective


With the highly anticipated release of Sitecore 7 finally here, I was anxious to see what they had in store for digital marketers. We've already been very impressed with Sitecore's marketing offerings, and are strong advocates of their Digital Marketing System. Sitecore's DMS excels at providing marketers with deep... Read more »

bv02 awarded Mobile Specialization by Sitecore


Thanks to the amazing work of our development team members on projects for clients including CCC and the Canadian Council for the Arts, we’ve been a Sitecore Certified Partner for over 2 years now. Recently, however, Scott Mulligan’s work on rethinking the integration of responsive design solutions within... Read more »

Coming Soon: bv02’s Open Device Lab


Definition: A collection of donated or loaned mobile devices for everyone to use at bv02. Since more people access websites on their phones every day, testing websites on different devices isn’t really an option anymore, it’s a necessity. However, this comes with a problem: there are a lot of devices. A lot. Not... Read more »

Lessons Learned at NSNorth 2013


This past weekend Brett Tackaberry and I went to the Ottawa Convention Centre for NSNorth, Ottawa’s first Mac, iOS, and web development conference. The weekend in a nutshell? Amazing. Being a marketer in attendance, I was worried much of the content would dive into a black hole of Cocoa and Objective-C, but I... Read more »

Gutsy Walk 2013 - For Crohn’s and Colitis


The bv02 team loves being involved in the community, whether it's the local art community or the international technology community, so it's no surprise we have a slew of upcoming community events. One of the events we're most excited to be involved in? The Gusty Walk taking place on Sunday, June 9th. What's the... Read more »

Carleton's Futurefunder: Crowd-funding Campus Projects


There’s nothing we like more at bv02 than helping great clients launch successful digital projects. That’s why we’re so happy to see that, a crowd-funding platform launched by Carleton University last month, is receiving so much positive attention from the university community and the media. The... Read more »

Mobile Photography Vernissage


At bv02 we work hard, and play hard. We’re just as creative outside the office as we are in the boardroom, and we wanted to share some of that with you. Every once in a while we’ll post something (like this) on the blog that sets the work aside and gives you some unique insight into the people behind the... Read more »

Big Brands Learn a Hard Lesson in Twitter Security


Twitter Hacks: Would You Know How To Handle It? We're seeing a new trend in social media. No I'm not talking about Pinterest, or Vine. I'm talking about large corporate Twitter accounts being hacked. While this has been happening for several years now, we are noticing that it is happening much more frequently. In... Read more »

Twitter Takeover - Matt Davidson


Our brand isn’t defined by a single person – it’s in the hands of each bv02 employee, every day. So today, we’re taking it literally, and we’re handing over the keys to the bv02 Twitter account. The Twitter Takeovers will continue as a regular series every other Friday, to help you get to know the... Read more »

“A game-changer in terms of technology”


We’ve been working with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education, school divisions, communities and educational consultants over the past two years to pilot and implement a holistic language assessment for early learners in Saskatchewan. This week, the assessment was featured in a column in the Leader Post, talking... Read more »

Improve Your Online Advertising with Google's Enhanced...


We live in a multi-device world. People are no longer connected to only one device. They swiftly shift from desktop to tablet to smartphone to laptop. Interestingly enough, when users switch devices they are often not changing their session - they are simply continuing it on a new device. According to Google, 90%... Read more »