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In the evolution of television resolution, we have seen some incremental jumps in recent years, where standard definition (SD) got replaced by high definition (HD). A significant jump in picture quality that had millions of people upgrading their televisions. Right now, we are on the fringe of seeing another jump in... Read more »

Halloween 2013


We look for any reason to get creative around the office, so it’s no surprise that when Halloween comes around every year, we get pretty excited. With everyone dressed up, a photo shoot busted out in the studio mid-afternoon. The costumes ranged from witches to superheroes to the scariest thing in the world: a PC.... Read more »

8 Reasons to Create a Web Video


In my last blog post, I highlighted five fundamental principles to keep in mind when making your next web video. My first point was that when making a video, you should have a clear purpose in mind. That generated more than few conversations about why companies (and people!) choose to communicate through video.... Read more »

Five Fundamentals for Your Next Web Video


Video continues to be the most engaging content on the web and as a result, more and more people are jumping on board to produce web videos. There are many different things that will impact the success of your video. I've gathered a list of the top five fundamentals to keep in mind when starting your next web video... Read more »

Using Camera Rigs to Shoot Incredible Video


A lot of people have caught on to the fact that a DSLR can shoot amazing looking video. The only problem is that without a better way to hold the camera, the footage turns out looking shaky. To fix this problem and bring your production to the next level, you will need some camera rigs. In terms of DSLR video, a rig... Read more »

8 Reasons to Use DSLR for Videos


Whenever I go to a video shoot, people are often surprised when I pull a DSLR camera out of my bag. Shocked that I’m using what they thought was only a photo camera to film with, they’ll often ask me about it. This usually ends up becoming a conversation about the advantages of using a DSLR to shoot video, which... Read more »

How Frame Rates Impact Videos


Thanks to fast internet connections, video has become the most engaging content on web. Companies are picking up on this, with 76% of companies planning to increase their use of videos as part of their social media efforts this year. With the popularity of sites like YouTube and Vimeo, not to mention social video... Read more »

YouTube or Vimeo?


When working on a video for a client, friend or just myself, I am often faced with the question: where should I upload the video, YouTube or Vimeo? YouTube is the number one video-sharing website and is the #2 most used search engine next to Google, which makes it an easy choice for most. However, Vimeo is gaining... Read more »