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Drupal theming: User configurable node templates


A reoccurring challenge in developing a Drupal site is allowing users to select a template for a node. Maybe it's choosing between 'news' or 'events' styling or different ways to present a blog post, but users like to feel empowered to control the layout while using a single node type. In this short post, I’ll... Read more »

Drupal 8 RC is here


The Drupal 8 release candidate (RC) is here at long last.  The RC has come after a year in beta and has inspired hope our shop that we’ll have an official release soon.  We are confident that our code is stable enough for wider testing by site owners, developers, and end users. - Drupal Core Team A... Read more »

Mobile OS versions: New statistics on Android usage


For several years iOS has set the bar pretty high when it came to users installing new OS versions.  Within days of a new iOS version being released by Apple, millions upon millions of people will have downloaded and installed it.  Partly this is because Apple has been very good at making new versions available to... Read more »