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Location, location, location.


As support grows for newer browsers like Google Chrome and the upcoming Firefox 4, HTML5 is starting to catch on. That means we're about to see some exciting new features on the horizon. One of the most exciting features in HTML5 is geolocation. With a user's permission, websites will be able to tailor content to... Read more »

ExpressionEngine 2 is here!


ExpressionEngine 2.0 has been in beta for awhile, but EllisLabs has recently dropped the "beta" and started selling ExpressionEngine 2.0 as a full-fledged product. No worries for existing users – anyone with a current ExpressionEngine 1.x license can still download the latest version (1.6.9). Existing users will be... Read more »

Staying Productive


Working in web, it's always easy to get distracted. Between social networks like Facebook and Twitter, pop culture aggregators like Reddit and being e-mailed cute videos of kittens, interruptions are part of my routine. As great as the web is at causing distractions, it also has some amazing tools to stay... Read more »