Culture, Health and Associations Win Big with bv02 at 2014 W3 Awards — Gold and Silver in Web


Awards season is upon us again, and the W3 awards have just been announced. The W3 is a top tier annual international award that showcases the best of the web. From websites and web video, to online marketing programs, the W3 is designed to showcase the very best of the web with big global agencies competing alongside... Read more »

Bash Bug: What you need to know


Last Wednesday the web was on high alert after the discovery of the Bash Bug (also known as ShellShock and BashDoor). A vulnerability discovered in the UNIX bash shell with the potential of being much worse than HeartBleed, this year's earlier gaping security flaw. Let's start from the top: Bash is the command... Read more »



In the evolution of television resolution, we have seen some incremental jumps in recent years, where standard definition (SD) got replaced by high definition (HD). A significant jump in picture quality that had millions of people upgrading their televisions. Right now, we are on the fringe of seeing another jump in... Read more »

Wrapping up the 2014 North American Sitecore Symposium


In recent years Sitecore has held its symposium as a biennial event every second year. I’m sure everyone would love to make it an annual event but after attending I could see how much effort was expended in planning the event – A lot! The Sitecore community has continued to grow and it’s just not feasible for... Read more »

Andrew and Scott take on Sitecore Symposium in Vegas: Part 2


The 2014 North American Sitecore Symposium is now well underway and it has been a great experience so far. The event officially kicked off yesterday with the opening keynote by Michael Seifert (CEO, Sitecore) followed by individual keynotes for each of the product track, business track, and development track. The... Read more »

Andrew and Scott take on Sitecore Symposium in Vegas: Part 1


  The 2014 North American Sitecore Symposium officially kicks off today in fabulous Las Vegas and bv02 is well represented at the event. The speaking engagements don’t start until tomorrow so today is all about settling in and will be a great opportunity to meet the Sitecore team, fellow Sitecore... Read more »

bv02's The Brief - Episode 2: Crowdfunding for Universities with Ryan Davies


“It’s all about the power of individual ideas and uniting a crowd behind them. I think academics have this limitless capacity for amazing ideas, innovation, discovery – but what they lack is a crowd of supporters and engaged citizens to fund and promote their work. Crowdfunding makes that a possibility. We... Read more »

Bug fix for DatePicker in Sitecore's Web Forms for Marketers


Here’s a simple fix that will improve usability for site administrators, customers and potential employees, for one of the most commonly implemented modules in Sitecore, Web Forms for Marketers (WFFM). It seems that the DatePicker for Web Forms for Marketers 2.4.0 rev. 140117 doesn’t save in a readable date... Read more »

Bug Fix: TDS build not pushing from Visual Studio Project to Sitecore Install


As all you Sitecore coders out there know, the default recommended set up for a Sitecore solution in Visual Studio is as one web project. This can make working with multi-site solutions a challenge and also means that your custom code for the solution gets mixed in with the rest of the Sitecore base installation. To... Read more »

IKEA turns Instagram into a Website


As one of the fastest growing social media photo sharing platforms in the world, with over 200 million monthly active users, it was only a matter of time before a brand leveraged Instagram’s capabilities to create a fun - and free - alternative to a website. IKEA recently used the site to launch a web-based catalog... Read more »