Random Hacks of Kindness Ottawa (June 2014)


Last weekend, June 28-29, marked Ottawa’s third instalment of Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) (http://rhok-ottawa.ca/). The first order of business is to answer “So, what is it?”.  RHoK is a hackathon for making the world a better place by developing practical, open source technology solutions to respond to... Read more »

The Brief - Episode 1: CASL with Porter Heffernan


This marks the first video in a new series called “The Brief: The Business of Digital Marketing”, in which I’ll be talking with experts across the business world about trends and hot topics in technology and digital marketing. Today’s subject: Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), which comes into effect... Read more »

Mobile OS versions: New statistics on Android usage


For several years iOS has set the bar pretty high when it came to users installing new OS versions.  Within days of a new iOS version being released by Apple, millions upon millions of people will have downloaded and installed it.  Partly this is because Apple has been very good at making new versions available to... Read more »

Rebuilding the Search Index on Remote Servers with Sitecore 7


I made a rookie mistake with Sitecore 7. I didn't properly define an indexing strategy before launching a new multi-server Sitecore instance. I have spent a lot of time working with Sitecore 7 but have found myself overwhelmed by the myriad of indexing strategies available for our shiny new Sitecore websites.... Read more »

CASL: Is This What’s Going to Save Email Marketing?


The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) is one of the most aggressive legislations of its kind in the world. Officially announced over three years ago, CASL is finally coming into effect this July 1st, which means you have just a few weeks left to get ready.... Read more »

'Change every password everywhere': HeartBleed's Threat to Web Security


If you are running OpenSSL on your servers, please make sure to fix the HeartBleed Bug as soon as possible. As many of you have heard by now, the web has recently been struck by an internet-wide security flaw known as the HeartBleed Bug. HeartBleed affects sites that use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.... Read more »

The Future is Now!


Not that long ago we watched movies in disbelief as our favorite action star gathered data from his wrist watch, then had a video conference call from a monitor embedded in the dash of his car. A few years later, this no longer seems that far fetched, in fact, it’s reality and we are now calling this collection... Read more »

Raising money for Make-a-Wish: Mustaches for kids at bv02


A few brave bv02 souls will be donating some valuable face real estate to the Make a Wish Foundation of Eastern Ontario this November.  That's right, our team will be taking part in another mustache-filled month as part of Mustaches for Kids. What's Mustaches for Kids? Conceptually, Mustaches for Kids is like a... Read more »

What do customers think of your CX?


The customer experience isn’t just about the app or website you are developing right now. Customer experience includes all the touchpoints; whether you’re acquiring a customer, onboarding a customer, engaging with a customer, servicing a customer or trying to retain a customer, you’re affecting the experience... Read more »

Halloween 2013


We look for any reason to get creative around the office, so it’s no surprise that when Halloween comes around every year, we get pretty excited. With everyone dressed up, a photo shoot busted out in the studio mid-afternoon. The costumes ranged from witches to superheroes to the scariest thing in the world: a PC.... Read more »