bv02 is a creative agency full of creative folk. Is it any wonder that we love Halloween so much? This year, we had our best turnout yet for costumes. Tina Turner repeatedly belted out her greatest hit, fawns and werewolves (with unexplained laser guns?) pounced and prowled. The human embodiment of sriracha brought a spicy flavour into our lives and even Lucas’ well-calculated brother Steve. The twins from The Shining haunted the halls with the be-scissored jester much to the delight of the Illuminati’s cat mascot. Most dishearteningly, our gothic vampire Lisa LaRochelle, ┬ánever cracked a smile all day. If you’ve met Lisa in person (normally a super-concentrated ray of pure sunshine), you’d understand how jarring that was.

Pumpkins were carved, fun-sized candy bars were consumed in alarming quantities and everyone left covered in face makeup and burnt out on a sugar high.

Until next year folks!







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