Businesses should get ready to go mobile


It’s not surprising that statistics show that Smartphone use is on the rise. Everywhere you look, you see someone on an iPhone, Blackberry, or an Android device. It’s when you see someone with a flip phone circa 2004 that actually stops you in your tracks.

Digital has also become prevalent in today’s commerce industry, where a customer can scan a QR code or bar code and obtain information on the product, or even if the product is sold cheaper elsewhere. Near Field Communications (NFC) is also taking off, as is the iPhone square payment system.

What does this increase in popularity in mobile and digital use mean for businesses?

Well, simply put in this article, going forward businesses will have to become nimble to survive and thrive. They will need to make the decision to either embrace these trends and determine a course of action, or they’ll end up being the next Blockbuster.

The author suggests four trends that will change the future of business. I would argue that mobile and digital will be the biggest instigators in changing how businesses interact with their customers. For example, eBay has recently launched a campaign marketed to today’s “on-demand shopper”, which is completely devoted to those that shop whenever and wherever the moment hits them to purchase an item.

It will be interesting to see what changes take place in the commerce industry over the next 12 months due to advances in digital and mobile.

Is your business gearing up for this revolution in how we shop? Are you ready to go mobile?

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