Carleton's Futurefunder: Crowd-funding Campus Projects


There’s nothing we like more at bv02 than helping great clients launch successful digital projects. That’s why we’re so happy to see that, a crowd-funding platform launched by Carleton University last month, is receiving so much positive attention from the university community and the media.

The concept behind Futurefunder is simple: allow members of the Carleton community to post projects they’d like to have funded, and allow them to share it with their networks in order to collect small, targeted donations in support of their project. This way, donors can support specific projects, and they can do so with an amount that works for them.

The initiative has received some attention in the media, with an article in featuring the successes of the project in the past month. More importantly, however, are the projects that are receiving attention and funding thanks to the Futurefunder initiative. Several of the Carleton community’s projects have been partially or fully funded already, helping support scholarships, additions to the library and student initiatives.

We’re so happy to have been involved in the development of this unique platform with our clients at Carleton University. It’s always great helping clients bring their projects to life, and even better seeing them succeed and receive the recognition they deserve.

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