A clear, informative website to help drive leads and measure site usage

Canadian Commercial Corporation

bv02 worked with the Canadian Commercial Corporation to create a clear, informative website that allows visitors to easily connect with their organization, thereby acting as a key support mechanism for their business goals.

The Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) is a Crown Corporation that helps Canadian businesses become exporters to international markets. When they came to bv02, their existing website provided no clear path to turn page views into engagements, such as sales leads or requests for more information. Additionally, there was very little measurement of the site’s usage or effectiveness at driving new business. Through a redesign, CCC wanted to create a clear, informative website that allowed visitors to easily connect with their organization in order to develop it as a key support mechanism for their business goals.

CCC identified Sitecore as the best CMS for their new website based on Sitecore’s bilingual capabilities and its ability to manage time-sensitive information, such as RFPs and job postings. As a Sitecore certified partner, bv02 stood out as the leading agency to support CCC with their website redesign. Using Sitecore’s flexible system, our team of designers and web developers created a responsively designed website that establishes CCC as a digital leader in their industry.  Responsive design allows the website to display well regardless of whether the user accesses it on a desktop computer, a mobile phone or any other device. 

Through the site’s clear content structure and the integration of easily accessible contact forms on appropriate pages, bv02 helped the Canadian Commercial Corporation create an informative website that would allow them achieve their goals of driving leads and measuring site usage.

Solutions Provided