Canada Science and Technology Museum Corporation
An interactive virtual exhibit that showcases Canadian cars

“In Search of the Canadian Car” : A VMC Virtual Exhibit

"In Search of the Canadian Car", is an exhibit by the Canadian Science and Technology Museum that explores the history of cars in Canada.

This interactive exhibit showcases over 16 different makes and models that were either designed, made, marketed or chosen by Canadians. bv02 was chosen as the design team to bring this fascinating show to life online.

As part of the Virtual Museum of Canada (VMC) initiative, The Canadian Science and Technology Museum sought to bring “In Search of the Canadian Car” online, to allow a wider audience to explore the history of cars in Canada. bv02′s vision for this online experience includes elements such as timelines, modal windows, and 360-degree views of the cars. These were incorporated using HTML, CSS, Javascript and Expression Engine to create a narrative around Canadian cars and their history, as well as to engage a variety of viewers.

bv02 completed the Functional Design, Interface Design, and Development of the exhibit. This project also included research into the content depth, history and key information to communicate, with a focus on developing a highly interactive engagement for the user. The design provided a layout that spoke to a timeline approach in consideration of the dynamic content and included a voting mechanism and visualization. The interface design included a brand vision board, typography exercise, graphic and icon development. Interactive elements such as timelines, pop-ups, and 360 views of the cars were incorporated to help tell the story and engage the viewer.

This successful collaboration between the Canadian Science and Technology Museum and bv02 now engages “visitors” online, sharing Canada’s love of cards with the world.

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