Working remotely at bv02 for two years - how is it going?


Hello from the West Coast! I’m Paul Wright, the long-time Information Architect, User Experience Designer, multi-tasker here at bv02. I’ve been at bv02 for almost 4 years and I’ve been working remotely from Vancouver for the past two. Things are about to get even more interesting on the remote working front,... Read more »

Why you need more games in your office.


I am well known in the bv02 office for my love of board games. The recent influx of popularity in the hobby has caused many cities to sprout board game cafes where patrons can pay a minimal fee to sit and play for hours. I've spoken at length to anyone who will listen about the merits of games as a hobby and an... Read more »

Polar Catalyst: Crowdfunding for Students on Ice


The Students on Ice Foundation was looking for an innovative way to raise money for initiatives that advance and benefit the polar regions. bv02 created Polar Catalyst, a crowdfunding platform that would allow the Foundation to connect with their audience online and raise the money needed for projects that create a... Read more »

Recap of the First Ottawa Sitecore Meetup


It's the Friday before Christmas and the Sitecore world is ringing with excitement today about the newly released Sitecore 8 platform. But before we get sidetracked by all the new shiny functionality built into Sitecore 8, I wanted to take a moment to recap Ottawa's first Sitecore meetup that took place on November... Read more »

Culture, Health and Associations Win Big with bv02 at 2014 W3...


Awards season is upon us again, and the W3 awards have just been announced. The W3 is a top tier annual international award that showcases the best of the web. From websites and web video, to online marketing programs, the W3 is designed to showcase the very best of the web with big global agencies competing alongside... Read more »

Ottawa Public Library


Since the amalgamation of the City of Ottawa in 2001, the Ottawa Public Library (OPL) has become the largest public bilingual English-French library in North America, with 33 branches servicing well over a million people. In 2013, the Library recognized a need to update its website with new design and functionality... Read more »

Bash Bug: What you need to know


Last Wednesday the web was on high alert after the discovery of the Bash Bug (also known as ShellShock and BashDoor). A vulnerability discovered in the UNIX bash shell with the potential of being much worse than HeartBleed, this year's earlier gaping security flaw. Let's start from the top: Bash is the command... Read more »

Random Hacks of Kindness Ottawa (June 2014)


Last weekend, June 28-29, marked Ottawa’s third instalment of Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) ( The first order of business is to answer “So, what is it?”.  RHoK is a hackathon for making the world a better place by developing practical, open source technology solutions to respond to... Read more »

Raising money for Make-a-Wish: Mustaches for kids at bv02


A few brave bv02 souls will be donating some valuable face real estate to the Make a Wish Foundation of Eastern Ontario this November.  That's right, our team will be taking part in another mustache-filled month as part of Mustaches for Kids. What's Mustaches for Kids? Conceptually, Mustaches for Kids is like a... Read more »

Carleton Futurefunder


Carleton University was looking for a way to engage with alumni and their existing social networks to create a pattern of smaller, more frequent alumni giving. To help establish this behaviour in the alumni community, bv02 built Futurefunder, a crowdfunding platform for the Carleton community to raise money from their... Read more »

Coming Soon: bv02’s Open Device Lab


Definition: A collection of donated or loaned mobile devices for everyone to use at bv02. Since more people access websites on their phones every day, testing websites on different devices isn’t really an option anymore, it’s a necessity. However, this comes with a problem: there are a lot of devices. A lot. Not... Read more »