CMN Beluga Cam


Our friends at Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge were planning another summer of beluga whale observation in Cunningham Inlet at Somerset Island, Nunavut and began talks with us to set up a camera to record the animals’ activities. At the same time, our partner the Canadian Museum of Nature was searching for whale... Read more »

Students On Ice - Digital Strategy


Students on Ice (SOI) is a leader in the education field relating to the Arctic and Antarctic, offering polar expeditions for international youth that foster respect for the environment and provide teaching and learning opportunities for educators and scientists. This award-winning not-for-profit organization, which... Read more »

bv02’s The Brief – Episode 5: Holistic Assessment with...


Jarrett Laughlin – Holistic Assessment In this Episode of the Brief we had the pleasure of sitting down with Jarrett Laughlin -Education Consultant and partner here at bv02. As an educational consultant, Jarrett is passionate about improving the quality of education for First Nation, Inuit and Métis... Read more »

Polar Catalyst: Crowdfunding for Students on Ice


The Students on Ice Foundation was looking for an innovative way to raise money for initiatives that advance and benefit the polar regions. bv02 created Polar Catalyst, a crowdfunding platform that would allow the Foundation to connect with their audience online and raise the money needed for projects that create a... Read more »

Deeper Understanding of Mathematics


As we enter our second year of implementing the Help Me Talk About Math assessment in Saskatchewan, the number of schools delivering the Grade 1 math assessment has grown to over 100 schools. As I was training the school division leads the other week on the importance of this work and the nuances of the... Read more »

Making a River Flow Back Up a Mountain


A good (yet long) rant by Dr. Don Taylor, which is a common (yet wonderful) formula he always uses.  :) As I continue my work in developing early years assessments with the goal of creating real change, Don reminds me (and others) to " never forget that even though we are looking for pure data in our research,... Read more »



I wanted to share this post from one of the teacher's involved in the Help Me Tell My Story assessment in Saskatchewan.  She discusses the impact the puppet Askî has had in her classroom and why the connection between her students and Askî is important to the success of the assessment. The Holistic Assessment... Read more »

The more the merrier - Community engagement in learning


A recent post by the OECD explores how actively involving parents and students can help improve education systems by way of accountability and school achievement processes.  The OECD calls it a 'growing trend' as parents, community leaders, and others are taking an increasingly active role in their local... Read more »

Holistic Assessment Approach: Moving Education Assessment Forward


Educators have long been frustrated with the limitations that come with "off-the-shelf" assessments.  That is why the bv02 Education Team created the Holistic Assessment Approach, which provides educators with the opportunity to develop their own assessment that is reflective of the local contexts and cultures of... Read more »

So You Want To Be An Artist?


The National Gallery of Canada is a leading Canadian arts institution that houses a vast permanent collection of cultural resources. One of their primary goals is to engage young Canadians with the visual arts and help connect them with these resources. As a result, they are continually looking for ways to engage... Read more »