Holistic Assessment

Helping Antle Find His Voice in Nova Scotia


Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey are a unified team of chiefs, staff, parents, and educators based in Nova Scotia who advocate on behalf of and represent the educational interests of their communities, and protect the educational Mi’kmaw language rights of the Mi’kmaq people. As a leader in the Canadian Indigenous... Read more »

Help Me Tell My Story wins Premiers Award


 The team here at bv02 would like to extend a special congratulations to the Ministry of Education (Saskatchewan) on their recent win - the Premiers Award for Excellence in the Public Service is an accomplishment to be proud of! To illustrate the essence of Help Me Tell my Story, I've pulled together some... Read more »

bv02’s The Brief – Episode 5: Holistic Assessment with...


Jarrett Laughlin – Holistic Assessment In this Episode of the Brief we had the pleasure of sitting down with Jarrett Laughlin -Education Consultant and partner here at bv02. As an educational consultant, Jarrett is passionate about improving the quality of education for First Nation, Inuit and Métis... Read more »

Deeper Understanding of Mathematics


As we enter our second year of implementing the Help Me Talk About Math assessment in Saskatchewan, the number of schools delivering the Grade 1 math assessment has grown to over 100 schools. As I was training the school division leads the other week on the importance of this work and the nuances of the... Read more »

How much should I be talking with my child?


"Why is it that some kids are good at learning language and others are not? And why is it that often children from low-income families fall so far behind in their language development and educational achievements? Is no one talking to them?" Good questions from a recent blog that highlights new research around the... Read more »

Carleton Futurefunder


Carleton University was looking for a way to engage with alumni and their existing social networks to create a pattern of smaller, more frequent alumni giving. To help establish this behaviour in the alumni community, bv02 built Futurefunder, a crowdfunding platform for the Carleton community to raise money from their... Read more »



I wanted to share this post from one of the teacher's involved in the Help Me Tell My Story assessment in Saskatchewan.  She discusses the impact the puppet Askî has had in her classroom and why the connection between her students and Askî is important to the success of the assessment. The Holistic Assessment... Read more »

Moving Data into Action


Here's a post by Erin Chreptyk, our Coordinator for the  Help Me Tell My Story Assessment. A pivotal component of this holistic assessment approach is connecting results to ideas.  This linkage helps focus in on areas of improvement and provides teachers and parents with targeted activities to improve language... Read more »

Much more than an assessment


Hello again. As this project has grown over the days,  months and years, it is easy to get lost in its success and its evolution towards something truly innovative and effective. At a recent meeting, as I introduced the work and overarching concepts to a new member of our team, they reminded me that the Help Me... Read more »

The history and the future of the Help Me Tell My Story...


Happy New Year everyone, Here's a blog post I wrote on the project's website.  Take some time to explore the new website. Enjoy! http://holisticassessment.gov.sk.ca/the-history-and-future-of-the-help-me-tell-my-story-assessment POSTED ON DECEMBER 19, 2012 Author: Jarrett Laughlin   This is a guest post... Read more »

The more the merrier - Community engagement in learning


A recent post by the OECD explores how actively involving parents and students can help improve education systems by way of accountability and school achievement processes.  The OECD calls it a 'growing trend' as parents, community leaders, and others are taking an increasingly active role in their local... Read more »