Pulitzer Arts


Since its opening in October 2001, Pulitzer Arts Foundation in St. Louis, Missouri has become both a sanctuary for the ever-evolving experience of art and a laboratory for unprecedented collaborations and endeavours. This unconventional museum hosts a wide range of exhibitions from old masters to contemporary art, and... Read more »

Clay Tablet


Clay Tablet is a global leader in connecting the enterprise-grade content management systems (CMS) of large multinational corporations with their translation service of choice. Their clients include such companies as Nikon, Honda, and SAP. As the purveyors of digital technology services to the Fortune-500 market,... Read more »

Canada Council for the Arts Digital Strategy


When the Canada Council for the Arts came to bv02, they found themselves challenged to engage their audiences with an outdated website. What they sought was a strategy that would provide direction on developing the right content and digital tools to communicate with artists and help them fulfill their mandate as a... Read more »

Estimote beacons at the Museum of Nature


Technology ebbs and flows between leading the market and being in-demand. For years we have looked to realize technology's promise of contextual information. We have looked for ways to answer how technology can align in mobile, social and content. Beacon technology will prove to be an important step in the... Read more »