Bulletin from bv02 - The Rapid Spread of Ransomware


The Rapid Spread of Ransomware is a very real issue that you and your organization should be prepared for. Please take a minute to read this important bulletin concerning the security of your digital footprint. Over the past weekend, we witnessed broad scale ransomware attacks that impacted over 100 countries... Read more »

TwelveDot Inc.


For over a decade, TwelveDot has been demystifying online security solutions, cutting through the marketing speak and technical jargon to identify real risks and exposure of their digital properties…and how to secure and protect your data and your business. Web and internet presences are a playground for hackers,... Read more »

bv02’s The Brief – Episode 7: Cyber Security with Faud Khan


In this Episode of the Brief we had the pleasure of sitting down with Faud Khan - Founder and Chief Security Analyst at TwelveDot. In case you’re not familiar with TwelveDot, they work in the cyber security space and are dedicated to bringing a global perspective to security. Faud himself could be considered... Read more »

Zero-Day Vulnerability: WordPress Security Bulletin


WordPress has recently released a warning of a Cross Site Scripting vulnerability in its code and has urged administers to update their sites immediately. You may have seen this referred to in the media as the "Zero-Day Vulnerability".  The essence of Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities is that they can allow... Read more »

Bash Bug: What you need to know


Last Wednesday the web was on high alert after the discovery of the Bash Bug (also known as ShellShock and BashDoor). A vulnerability discovered in the UNIX bash shell with the potential of being much worse than HeartBleed, this year's earlier gaping security flaw. Let's start from the top: Bash is the command... Read more »