Social Media

Is this the future of alumni giving?


How many times a week are you asked to donate to something? Whether it's someone you know participating in a race, fundraising for a cause like Mustaches for Kids, or an alumni association asking for help with a capital campaign... I'm sure you run into this  scenarios as much as I do, where multiple groups are... Read more »

Big Brands Learn a Hard Lesson in Twitter Security


Twitter Hacks: Would You Know How To Handle It? We're seeing a new trend in social media. No I'm not talking about Pinterest, or Vine. I'm talking about large corporate Twitter accounts being hacked. While this has been happening for several years now, we are noticing that it is happening much more frequently. In... Read more »

YouTube or Vimeo?


When working on a video for a client, friend or just myself, I am often faced with the question: where should I upload the video, YouTube or Vimeo? YouTube is the number one video-sharing website and is the #2 most used search engine next to Google, which makes it an easy choice for most. However, Vimeo is gaining... Read more »

Connect, Share, Inspire: mesh conference 2012


Have you ever wondered what to do with all of that data you're collecting, or how to really get the most out of your inbound marketing efforts? Maybe you’ve spent time wondering what SOPA and the online surveillance legislation mean for the future of the Internet. How is technology is changing traditional industries... Read more »

Privacy concerns? Path has answers.


It’s happened. All of your worst fears have been confirmed. They have your data, and they’re not afraid to use it. Technically, you should have known better, or at least that’s what they’re telling you. You did agree to this, after all - didn’t you read their terms and conditions? Those terms and... Read more »

Marketing Your Brand With Location-Based Services


"Location, location, location". The age old saying. For a long time, location was king. If you had a storefront on prime real estate in a high traffic area, you were bound to be successful. It's fool-proof, right? Then Amazon came along. The online retailing pioneer proved that eCommerce could work, and challenged... Read more »

Are the Fortune 500 companies social?


Based on the latest statistics, it seems like they are.  With 58% of the Fortune 500 on Facebook and 62% maintaining a corporate Twitter presence, they’re well into the late majority.  The real question is: are they doing it well? Our bet is that a lot of them aren’t, and could use a few pointers.  However,... Read more »

The Real Google+ Strategy


Last week ComScore reported that the average Google+ user only spent 3 minutes on the site in January. This was immediately met with comparisons to social media giant Facebook, whose users averaged almost 7 hours a month on their site. Likewise, Pinterest managed 89 minutes, Twitter received 21 minutes, and LinkedIn... Read more »

The Social Media Bowl


Three and a Half Million Dollars That'll raise a few eyebrows. That's also how much some companies are spending on one 30 second TV spot during the Super Bowl. Sounds a bit insane, doesn't it? Then again, it is The Super Bowl - arguably the best entertainment event of the year. In fact, Super Bowl 45 in 2011 drew... Read more »

Introducing Number 15...


...Jason Faber! That’s right, we’ve hired our second “Jason”, and 15th member of the bv02 team. 2011 was certainly a spectacular year of growth here at bv02, and we couldn’t be happier to have Jason on board! With Jason’s addition to the team in early December, the walls at the bv02 office are officially... Read more »

Do you "check in"?


Consider these recent headlines and stats: - Foursquare recently hit a billion check ins and has over 10 million users. - Facebook is killing off its "Places" function, but replacing it with an option to check in when updating your status. - Gowalla is redesigning its apps and redefining itself more as local guide... Read more »