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Justin MacNeil Web Development
The future is already here – it's just not very evenly distributed.
~ William Gibson


A graduate of Algonquin College’s graphic design program Justin has become a cornerstone of bv02’s production team. Initially brought in as a co-op student in early 2007, Justin’s ability to consistently deliver top quality work turned heads in the office. When he tried to leave for another job bv02 moved quickly to secure this web development ninja. Faced with multiple job options, Justin was torn. He checked his horoscope, reviewed his bank balance, looked deep inside his heart, and then made the right choice. He is now a ‘go to guy’ in the bv02 production studio and one of the primary reasons bv02 has so many satisfied clients.

Justin has a keen interest in emerging web technologies, great user interfaces, black t-shirts and sushi. Anyway you cut it, it’s a weird combination. Thankfully, his creative talents, his thoroughness in web development and his uncanny ability to make Content Management Systems work overshadow everything else.

When he's not debugging JavaScript, he can be seen tackling a triple Americano and a book at the local coffee shop or scouring the local record store for obscure Flaming Lips tribute albums.

Web Developer by day, caped crusader by night, Justin one day hopes to reveal his true identity.

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