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Matt Davidson Strategy
The Edge... there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over.
~ Hunter S. Thompson


Matt is the only person at bv02 who repeatedly tries to fly. Unfortunately he’s usually attached to a mountain bike or snowboard when these attempts take place. In his never ending quest for adventure, the perfect photo and the coolest video, Matt has used up at least one of his knees and 3 of his 9 lives. But that happens when you spend too much time above the clouds without an airplane.


When he’s not travelling to Whistler, cooking or dabbling with his latest art project, the bv02 team keeps Matt duct taped to a chair so that he can both heal and manage the music that pumps into the company’s development studio. Our resident bike mechanic and DJ, Matt is also the cool guy (geek to others) who brings bv02 projects to life. If it sings, talks, dances or moves across the screen, it’s been touched by Matt. If we can’t figure it out, it goes to Matt. If it’s never been done, it gets dropped on Matt. Thankfully, the guy lives by a 36 hour clock. Actually, you know why we like Matt? Because the only things he walks away from are the big crashes (though sometimes he needs help).


If you have a cool story, video or idea, fire Matt a note.

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