Digital Marketing

More. Quality. Leads and Interactions.

We’re lucky to be living in the most exciting and fascinating time in marketing. What we can imagine, we can create. The real challenge, the thing that we do best, is putting the right pieces in place to take advantage of the amazing ways we can connect with people.

Some stories should be read. Some stories should be watched. And some stories should entertain. Our strategic planning process helps you blend the best of all worlds into one engaging solution.

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Our digital marketing mix.

  • SEO Search engine optimization
  • PPC Pay-per client campaigns
  • SEM Search engine marketing
  • Community Management
  • Social analytics
  • Social listening
  • Blogging & Social Media Strategy
  • Newsletter & Email Marketing Strategy
  • Survey development and analysis
  • Integrated social media campaigns
  • Dashboard development and reporting
  • Digital Marketing Plan
  • Focus groups
  • Market Research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Social presence audit
  • Brand voice guides
  • Content personas
  • Editorial calendars
  • Cadence crafting
  • Content strategy
  • Channel strategy

What’s your Story? Don’t just collect fans. Activate them.

Digital Marketing is the way in which you share your story with the world, How do you get message reach, channel relevance and increase engagement. It’s about the right proposition and understanding what conversion and acquisition mean to you.

Our Digital Marketing Projects

We don’t just talk about it, we actually do it. Take a look at some of the experiences we designed to help our customers create their own stories and marketing mix.

Project: Futurefunder

Futurefunder was created as a platform to enable grassroots funding for initiatives from many disciplines.  Any student or professional initiative at Carleton can apply to be featured on the platform, allowing the communications team to tell a variety of stories from its campus.

Read More about Futurefunder

Project: SWEATER Project

For the 2011 bv02 Christmas project, we decided to create a PSA style video campaign to save the smart phones. We found that many people neglect their smart phones during these cold winter months. So we found a solution.

Read More about SWEATER Project

Our Digital Marketing Blog Posts

Engage with us on some of our latest thoughts, concepts and ideas in the digital marketplace.