Mobile. Timing, location and context matter.

Today, information moves with you. When mobile technology put everything the web has to offer into a handheld device, the Internet became a 24/7 travelling companion. Information goes where we go; it finds us when we’re lost and connects us to our entire social ecosystem.

Not everyone is along for the ride. To earn a spot in the handheld device you need to be of use to your audience. You need to play a role in their daily lives. And if you’re not invaluable, you simple have no value at all.

The mobile world is unlike any other version of the Internet. We can help you find your place in the palms of the right people.

Let’s start a conversation about how we can work with you to solve some of your most pressing digital challenges. Start a project.

Mobile has transformed business. Here’s how we apply it:

  • App Development
  • Mobile Strategy
  • Mobile Consulting
  • Mobile App Planning
  • Mobile App Prototyping
  • Mobile App Concepting and Design
  • Mobile App Testing
  • Mobile App Maintenance
  • App Integration with Third Party E-Commerce
  • Mobile Marketing Strategies
  • Mobile App Deployment
  • Mobile Monitoring Analysis and Evolution
  • UX Workflows
  • Interaction Design
  • Usability and Accessibility Testing
  • Responsive Design
  • HTML5 App Development
  • Wireframe Concepts
  • iPhone and iPad App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Blackberry App Development
  • iPhone Game Development
  • iPad Game Development
  • Android Game Development

We can help you navigate the complex opportunities that mobile has presented.

We can help you find the business value of your mobile brain to create revenue opportunity and build grow and create a user experience that aligns with always on, always connected engagements.

Extend your customer experience through the ever changing competitive landscape of connected devices across your digital footprint. Performance matters.

Our Mobile Projects

We don’t just talk about it, we actually do it. Take a look at some of the experiences we designed to help our customers create their own stories and marketing mix.

Project: Guarantee Gold

The Guarantee Company of North America is one of the largest insurers of enterprise corporations in North America. When it came time to launch a new product offering, the Guarantee Company approached bv02 to develop a strategy that would allow them to engage with their existing customers both on a B2B level and individually.

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Project: Futurefunder

Futurefunder was created as a platform to enable grassroots funding for initiatives from many disciplines.  Any student or professional initiative at Carleton can apply to be featured on the platform, allowing the communications team to tell a variety of stories from its campus.

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Project: War of 1812

1812 is a unique traveling exhibition curated by the Canadian War Museum to commemorate the bicentennial of the War of 1812. It showcases four historical perspectives on this pivotal event: U.S., British, Canadian and Native American.

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Our Mobile Blog Posts

Engage with us on some of our latest thoughts, concepts and ideas in the digital marketplace.