Five Fundamentals for Your Next Web Video


Video continues to be the most engaging content on the web and as a result, more and more people are jumping on board to produce web videos. There are many different things that will impact the success of your video. I’ve gathered a list of the top five fundamentals to keep in mind when starting your next web video project.

  1. Have a clear purpose for your video
    Watching and making videos is fun, but the purpose of the video should never be just to have a video on your website. You should clearly define the purpose before you start planning. Sometimes that purpose could be as simple as entertaining viewers, but in most business cases the purpose of a web video is either to make viewers aware that your business exists, or to promote or sell the products or services your business offers.
  2. Develop a compelling story
    People enjoy following stories; they take an emotional ride that piques their curiosity and makes them want to hear the conclusion. If you develop a strong story, people will be more likely to watch your entire video and agree with the points you are trying to make, getting them closer to a “yes.”
  3. Keep it short
    The average length of a web video is over 5 minutes, but most viewers lose interest well before that. With so many other distractions on your device and all around you, your video has a lot to compete with. People will watch the entirety of a 30 second video but most will not make it past the 2-minute mark. Tell your story in two minutes or less to make sure people see your call to action.
  4. Keep it simple
    Since it’s important to keep your video short, it becomes extremely important to keep it simple. You need to get your point across in a short time. Don’t waste time diluting your message with off topic points or crazy visual effects.
  5. Provoke emotion
    A great video will provoke some form of emotion. Whether that emotion is happiness, sadness or even anger, it can have a lasting impact long after the video has ended. This is often done through the development of your story, but can be achieved by something as simple as ensuring that your talent is displaying the emotion you’re trying to get across. From smiling to frowning, emotions in video tend to be pretty contagious.

Apple’s latest commercial is a great example of all of these points. Apple released this commercial a few weeks ago following the release of new products. The purpose of the video is to remind viewers that Apple is a company that is focused on creating products that enhance people’s lives. The narrative tells this story, while the visuals tell individual stories of how the products touch and enhance people’s lives. A person who rides the bus everyday, a classroom of children discovering something new, a father and son bonding. Each one is a relatable mini-story that draws on our emotions and creates a sense of familiarity that keeps us engaged to the end. The commercial is short, it’s simple and it leaves us with a smile on our face and the desire to have more Apple products in our lives.

What videos have you seen that you think are great examples of online video for businesses? Do they achieve some (or all) of these five things?

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