Introducing Number 15...


…Jason Faber! That’s right, we’ve hired our second “Jason”, and 15th member of the bv02 team. 2011 was certainly a spectacular year of growth here at bv02, and we couldn’t be happier to have Jason on board!

With Jason’s addition to the team in early December, the walls at the bv02 office are officially ready to burst. A graduate of Bishop’s University, Jason (nicknamed J-Fab) brings over 3 years of marketing and social media strategy experience to help fill the much needed eMarketing role here at bv02. Born into a family of entrepreneurs and digital marketers, Jason’s innate love for technology and the internet makes him a perfect fit here at bv02.

Outside the office, Jason wears many hats: mountain explorer, vinyl collector, food blogger, and coffee addict – meaning he fits in just right here.

Connect with Jason!

  • Andrew Milne

    Welcome on board JFab, you are welcome for the new found coffee addiction ( Americano’s all around ). I think you are totally downplaying how good of a food blogger you actually are. Its worth checking this stuff out @

  • Jason Faber

    Thanks Andrew! It’s just a side project that combines my love for cooking with my love for blogging. Glad you like it!

  • Les Faber

    Congrats (again) Jason.

    Andrew, our loss is definitely your gain…..

    JFab? He raps?