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"In just over 1.5 years, online giving has tripled, with new donors becoming a substantial driver."

- Ryan Davies, Director of Advancement Communications
Carleton University

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Three Options to get you off the ground

Whether you want crowdfunding straight from the cloud, or want something more tailored, we've got you covered.



A hosted solution ideal for organizations with limited technical resources.

All the features of the ulaunchit platform, with automatic updates and backups managed by our team.

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Mission Control

For groups that want to host the platform, and have their own techies on board.

Same features, with ultimate control over how your system is deployed, integrated, and managed.

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Area 51

For serious astronauts: ulaunchit customized with special features for your needs.

We'll work with you to build on ulaunchit's base features and do someting new.

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And we'll deny it exists


If you really want to go interstellar with your crowdfunding, our team is here to help with digital marketing, training, and support.

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More features than a space shuttle cabin.

You decide how your crowdfunding projects are deployed, marketed, and managed.

Project Features

Project Control

Give your users the ability to tell their story their way, without losing control of the messaging. Add, edit, or suspend or remove projects as you need.

Streamlined Project Intake

We’ve built a project intake approach that ensures you and your participants spend less time sorting through requirements and more time fundraising.

Project Categories

Categorize and sort projects according to your own structure: by department, topic, engagement potential… or however you choose.

Donation Ladders

Suggest amounts for donation on a per-project basis, and how you see fit.

Fundraising Features

The Funding Tree

Allow users to donate to a specific project, program, faculty or the institution.

Planned Giving

Receive automatic, bi-weekly, monthly, or annual recurring donations from outside sponsors, or staff (deducted from payroll).

Project Competitions

Let the public decide vote for their favourites. You assign donations to the winning projects.

Memorial Fund

Allows for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and others to contribute a memorial fund in honour of a lost loved one.

Capital Campaigns

Target donors who have the ability to make a large contribution to make a significant dent in the campaign goal.

Matching Fund

Have a sponsor or the institution 'match' the amount raised for a specific project.

Design & Marketing Features

Totally Branded

We’ll brand your crowdfunding platform to seamlessly integrate with your brand.

Modern Standards

ulaunchit is accessible, mobile-responsive, and built to meet modern web standards.

Media Support

With support for image galleries, as well as self-hosted and third-party video and audio players, our platform gives your project owners the tools to engage with a great story.

Social & SEO

Our platform is built with SEO and social in mind. Your audiences can share the projects they love and show some flare for donating.

Project Success Kit

Every newcomer to crowdfunding needs help the first time around. Our Project Success Kit will help you teach project owners the keys to a successful campaign, from the first 24 hours right through the lifespan of their campaign.

Administration & Workflow

Host it Yourself

Don't want your fundraising solution floating in the cloud? No problem. Host ulaunchit yourself using one of our preferred partners.

Get Started Quickly

ulaunchit comes pre-built with a fully-functional content structure so you can get to work in no time.

Your Payment Gateway

Our platform is built to make use of most modern payment gateways systems. If yours isn't one of our built-in options, we can integrate it with little effort.


Export your donation lists according to project, timeframe and more. Get reports customized for external accounting systems.

Who uses ulaunchit?

(Some of the finest organizations we've known. That's who.)

You've read the whole page now. It's time to contact us.

Reach out and we'll ping you back in no time. Tell us all about your hopes and dreams and we'll bounce ideas around with you to make them a reality.

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