The web is more than just a billboard on the information superhighway. It’s a reflection of who you are and a doorway to your business. Protect you and your customers’ data and reputation from malicious actions.

bv02 partners with TwelveDot to help companies secure their online data and digital properties. Apply the fundamentals of online security and de-risk your exposure to cyber crime.

For over a decade, TwelveDot has been demystifying online security solutions, cutting through the marketing speak and technical jargon to identify real risks and exposure of their digital properties…and how to secure and protect your data and your business.

Web and internet presences are a playground for hackers, organized crime and script kiddies. Today, your web presence is an important aspect of your business. Ensuring your websites are live and accessible are key to attracting and maintaining customers and audience. You need a security program that includes secure testing, evaluation and monitoring of your digital footprint.

bv02 takes your digital security seriously — that’s why we work with TwelveDot. They have an approach to cyber security that shows you the full picture of your security vulnerabilities. We’ll help you understand legal considerations and secure you in compliance with ISO cyber security standards. We’ll help you quantify the risks to your data, and how to protect it. We’ll get to know your business to develop non-intrusive strategies to add to your security culture.

For TwelveDot, security is not a technology to be sold and deployed; it’s a process, a proven methodology that will help you protect your organization and your customers.

Together we provide secure your web and mobile properties through:

  • Design and operational reviews of your current hosting and infrastructure against strict ISO security controls
  • Vulnerability Assessments to test your current web and hosting infrastructure against known vulnerabilities
  • Penetration Testing to test unknown and possible coding weaknesses in web and mobile applications
  • Site and company reconnaissance to determine what your digital cyber footprint includes from an attacker’s view point
  • Automated vulnerability scanning of your properties and critical targets to quickly identify whether system changes could put your networks at risk