Lisa Brazeau


What do the NHL's Ottawa Senators, Nav Canada and the Canadian Medical Association all have in common? They've all benefited from Lisa's skills in communications, public relations and project management. When you need someone to take a strategic look at how your organization can connect with the public, Lisa's the... Read more »

Shannon Monk Payne


The sunrise represents a new day in Indigenous awareness in Canada.  It represents new understandings and positive new relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in order to create a better future for our next generations. Shannon is the founder/CEO of Sakatay Global which provides cultural... Read more »

Nicolas Lapenna


Having trouble finding your way? Maybe you’re not sure you’re on the right path, and you need a bit of guidance. Well, allow us to introduce you to Nic. He’s the kind of guy you need when you got lost. He can help you find the right path and get you where you need to go. And that’s not just a metaphor. Nic... Read more »

Ryan Yuck


The process of writing isn’t about putting pen to paper or pixel to computer screen. Writing is about storytelling. It’s about getting an idea, composing it, arranging it and then transcribing it from the ether. So when we find people who can tell stories, we grab ‘em. And so it is with Ryan, our Marketing &... Read more »

Rob Ferguson


For every client who wants to know “what will cause people to support us?”, Rob Ferguson has an answer. He is a strategic thinker focused on the impact that ideas and content have on extending brand awareness about leadership. He understands that the story told by most organizations requires too much explanation,... Read more »

Erika Randall


If you find yourself in any borough of this city, you can almost be guaranteed that Erika has lived there. She’s an explorer and an adventurer, a creative spirit always looking for a new challenge, a new way to help people. Soon after graduating from uOttawa, Erika came to the quick realization that it is... Read more »

Gary Jansz


Gary Jansz—better known around the studio as “GaryJANZZZ"—describes himself as a lifelong empirical learner, constantly chasing, embracing and striving to understand all things tangible and intangible, often bending and deconstructing things in order to make them his own. This makes him a natural to work in... Read more »

Dynimul Mao


Dynimul Mao may be small in stature, but don’t let that fool you. As one of bv02's leading developers, Dyni plays a huge role in keeping the boys of the dev pit in line. She is constantly innovating on the Sitecore platform, pushing clients to explore deeper engagements through the Sitecore DMS platform. A big... Read more »

Benjamin Waldman


Everyone thinks they're a comedian, but not everyone can claim to actually be a stand-up comic. Meet Ben Waldman, bv02’s Creative Director—he is not just known around the studio for leading innovative and inspiring design projects, but he’s also the go-to-guy for a good laugh. A one-time aspiring stand-up... Read more »

Jarrett Laughlin


Jarrett Laughlin brings a wealth of experience to bv02 as a seasoned Education Consultant. He has worked with organizations like the Canadian Council on Learning and the Assembly of First Nations, honing his skills in identifying innovative and holistic approaches to measuring success in lifelong learning. Drawing on... Read more »

Justin MacNeil


A graduate of Algonquin College’s graphic design program, Justin has become a cornerstone of bv02’s production team. Initially brought in as a co-op student in early 2007, Justin’s ability to consistently deliver top quality work turned heads in the office. More than seven years later, he is now a ‘go to... Read more »