Chad Levac

Chad Levac

“Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end.”

John Lennon

Chad is a key member of our Client Services team. He’s a client favourite, treasured for his ability to keep projects rolling, and for bringing a little humour and levity to the job. He’s the guy who’s always there to help out, volunteering for extra work, helping out when someone needs a hand and never leaving you hanging for a high five.

Chad makes sure work gets done, and makes sure we all have a good time doing it.

As part of the Client Services team, Chad immerses himself in all the different workings of a digital creative agency. He gets to work directly with clients, helping them realize their digital needs–providing digital solutions, solving problems and helping them reach their goals. He collaborates with the development team, getting his hands dirty on the technology side of things. And he participates in our internal leadership development.

Whenever there’s an opportunity to build something new or launch a campaign, Chad puts up his hand. There’s really no way he’ll let himself be bored.

Chad has a background in Electrical Engineering. He’s a tinkerer, a fixer. He loves diving into a new project with new technologies. He loves working with different people, learning new things and applying what he’s learned to the next project. This makes him perfect for a role with the Client Services team. He loves working with clients and finding innovative solutions for their business needs.

But don’t worry, even with all he does at bv02, he still makes time to enjoy life.

After spending three years living in Montreal, Chad has grown to love the culture and social life that thrives in piazzas, plazas and the patios of cafes and bistros. Sitting outside with a coffee in hand, there’s always fresh air to breathe, people to chat with and interesting things to see. Of course, life is about more than just going out for coffee…it’s also about staying in and drinking coffee! So if you’re ever in his neighbourhood and need a pick-me-up, Chad can transform into a barista and brew you a mean “pour-over” coffee.

It must be the caffeine that keeps Chad running, because when he’s not at a bistro, working with clients or spending time with his family, he’s checking out the local music scene. Chad’s an avid music lover and loves hitting the clubs to check out some of his favourite indie folk bands, like The Shins, Iron and Wine, and Sufjan Stevens.

Coffee, music and an industrious attitude…no wonder we like him so much.

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