Claire Sutton

Claire Sutton


“At the side of the everlasting why, is a yes and a yes, and a yes.”

E.M. Forster

In her graduating year, Claire was voted “Most Likely to Become the Prime Minister’s Speechwriter”, something she then considered a somewhat dubious honour (why wasn’t she “Most Likely to Become Prime Minister”?). Now, almost 20 years later, Claire looks back on this quite differently. To be thought of as an effective communicator is definitely a compliment, and something she views as an ongoing goal. In fact, as a marketer for bv02, Claire considers it to be the most important aspect of her job.

And Claire should know. She has a broad base of experience with project management, digital branding, content development, and event planning, and has degrees from McGill University and an MA from the University of London (UK). She has worked with non-profits, corporate partners, entertainers and government, and brings her trademark calm approach to all that she does.

When she’s not staying on top of her work, Claire can be found trawling local museums, listening to music, or biking along the Canal with kids in tow.  And no, she’s not related to the Sutton realty family.

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