Craig McCallion

Craig McCallion


“If you didn't get it on film, then it doesn't count.”

Some snowboarder

As a second-degree black belt and snowboarder, Craig McCallion is the closest thing to an action movie star bv02’s ever had. When he isn’t cast in roles that require saving the world in complicated action sequences, or starring in a snowboarding video, he spends his time at bv02 telling stories via video for our clients.

Craig graduated from Algonquin College with a degree in Business Management, which, combined with his long-standing love of snowboarding, lead him to start his own event production company, Half Cab Productions. Craig works to bring unique ski, snowboard and wakeboard events to Ottawa. It was through this work that Craig began to shoot and edit videos to promote Half Cab, which made him a natural choice for bv02’s video team.

Craig gives it his all when creating video concepts, shooting, editing and directing video, bringing a wealth of experience to his role as storyteller. And he makes an excellent stunt double!

If you missed his leading roles in “Chuck Norris Goes Snowboarding” or the summer sequel, “Chuck Norris Goes Wakeboarding,” you can find his work on his blog, or at Half Cab Productions.  You’ll quickly see why he could be cast in the leading role in an upcoming bv02 action-adventure film.

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