Erika Randall

Erika Randall


“A day without laughter is a day wasted.”

Charlie Chaplin

If you find yourself in any borough of this city, you can almost be guaranteed that Erika has lived there. She’s an explorer and an adventurer, a creative spirit always looking for a new challenge, a new way to help people.

Soon after graduating from uOttawa, Erika came to the quick realization that it is possible to pursue both her fervour for positive change and her natural creativity in the same suite. This led her to the field of advertising and marketing…and not long after, to the agency life. A self-proclaimed ad geek, Erika stays abreast of all comings and goings of the advertising industry. She’s always looking out for the links that draw advertising and technology together.

A lover of road trips, travel and discovering new local gems, Erika spends much of her off-time wandering with her Pomeranian sidekick Rambo. When the sun is out and the breeze is blowing, the only place to find Erika is at her cottage, shoreside. On any other day, she’s likely antiquing, cruising the flea markets for her next great find or on the couch inhaling her lengthy catalogue of Simpsons episodes. We’re not exaggerating. To her, it’s more than just the most legendary cartoon series to have ever existed, it’s a distinct way of life where quotes and references find themselves embedded in her daily vernacular.

Having worked with organizations like Elizabeth Fry and Amnesty International, Erika is passionate about volunteering and giving back to the community. For her, being a part of bv02’s digital strategy team is more than just having a job in her chosen field—it means participating in a culture where technology can be used as a stimulus for positive change in her community, her country and across the world. It means belonging to a culture that allows her to pursue both creativity and innovation for the benefit of people. We are thrilled to continue doing good with Erika.

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