Gary Jansz

Gary Jansz


“Doubt the conventional wisdom unless you can verify it with reason and experiment.”

Steve Albini

Gary Jansz—better known around the studio as “GaryJANZZZ”—describes himself as a lifelong empirical learner, constantly chasing, embracing and striving to understand all things tangible and intangible, often bending and deconstructing things in order to make them his own. This makes him a natural to work in digital strategy and user experience, where he uses these skills to breakdown business problems and create engaging digital solutions from websites, applications and digital marketing campaigns. Gary is happiest when helping clients to refine their digital footprint and refocus their business.

In fact, over the last decade Gary has touched every important part of the digital landscape including video production, mobile and web, having worked in project management, digital strategy, and user experience design. With a strong agency and start-up background from his years in Montreal and Toronto, Gary has had the privilege of working with and developing digital products and strategies for a wide variety of top tier brands and companies, including the NHL, Fox Television, BMO, Sun Life Financial, Verizon Wireless, Maxim magazine, Just for Laughs and many more.

Gary’s hands-on approach extends to his time spent out of work as well, having been an active musician for many years. He enjoys an eclectic range of instruments—from the guitar and drums to the harmonium and tin-can banjo—and dabbles in electronics and sample-based music. He’s also an avid reader with a penchant for Paul Auster novels.

Always up for sharing his talents with the rest of the bv02 team, Gary loves to explore how he can blend his personal and work experiences to create something special for our clients. Gary’s motto: Talk nerdy to me!

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