Jason Fournier

Jason Fournier

Client Services Director

"I am an optimist. It does not seem too much use being anything else."

Winston Churchill

Some people might consider a sports injury to be a serious matter. These same few might consider breaking both pinkie fingers whilst playing social dodgeball to also be a serious matter. They’d be wrong. It’s funny. And painful. Painfully funny.

Made of equal parts technical, marketing, and business, Jason Fournier’s background combined with his product and marketing experience provides him with a well-balanced approach to his projects. His creative and design sense is represented in the quality work he delivers to bv02’s clients. 

Born in Toronto, Jason landed in Ottawa for university, and is actively involved in both cities in several volunteer organizations, including twelve years with the Open Source community. He enjoys participating in these communities and helping them realize their full potential.

Jason believes that success is achieved through strong relationships. With these relationships, we gain a deeper understanding of what drives people and their needs for a project, product, or program.

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