Kathryn Gauthier

Kathryn Gauthier


“Inspiration exists but it has to find you working.”

Pablo Picasso

There’s a power to graphic design. Images move us and inform us. They stir our emotions and tell us a little bit more about the things with which we interact. Kathryn, a member of our Design team, understands the power of imagery, how to direct it, shape it and make it speak. Whether she’s designing website graphics at bv02 or doing pencil sketches on her downtime, Kathryn is living the life of a committed artist.

Her lifelong love of art led Kathryn to studying Graphic Design at Algonquin College. There, she focused on digital design (web, mobile, apps). She continues to learn as much as she can about new techniques and emerging trends to ensure she’s always pushing her skills higher and higher. When you look at her work, you can see this devotion to continuous improvement

When she’s not flexing her artistic muscle, Kathryn’s still all about power…powerlifting, that is. In her free time Kathryn enjoys lifting, and making sure she stays strong and healthy. If you think it sounds like Kathryn is all about personal improvement, you’re right.

Well, that and Drake. She loves Drake.

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