Kelly Khan

Kelly Khan

Managing Director

“When driving, you not only have to pilot your own car, but the one behind you, in front of you and the one that’s coming at you head on. Life’s like that too.”


Kelly Khan leads bv02’s Business Development and Operations functions, providing superior leadership during critical project and digital media implementations. With over 15 years marketing experience in a variety of industries from high-tech to financial and not-for-profit sectors, she’s had much opportunity to view marketing and business from a variety of angles and apply that expertise to whatever comes her way. Through the development of strategic marketing programs, she has increased sales, managed and developed operations standards, and increased awareness among targeted industries and channels.

Kelly is a dedicated customer advocate who continuously implements product, process, and service improvements based on analyzing input from numerous channels. She has been responsible for increasing year-over-year revenues and enhancing customer experience. With experience in financial forecasting, resource allocation, fund management, accounting and control, she continually strives to increase profits, improve staff morale and client confidence.

Before she began her quest to turn business into a well-oiled machine, she hosted and produced several radio shows in English and French — all beginning at the age of ten! The “behind-the scene” perspective she gained while interviewing popular music artists and politicians and promoting community events, gave her insight into what it takes to produce engaging and relevant products for your audience and have fun doing it.

Kelly was a major force behind the launch of AndyCamper Inc., an organization whose mission is to contribute to the development of children through interactive, entertaining and educational content that encourages outdoor activity and fuels the imagination.

Kelly graduated university at the age of nineteen, and holds a BA French degree. She is a former ToastMaster and enjoys skiing, hiking and traveling with her 3 kids.

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