Nathan Romanyshyn

Nathan Romanyshyn

Quality Assurance

“Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain something of equal value must be lost...”

Alphonse Elric

Fitness is important to many of our team members, but none of us would claim to love it more than Nathan Romanyshyn. Whether it’s cardio or weights, Nathan is our go-to fitness expert, and if you’ve ever been offered a protein shake instead of a coffee when visiting the bv02 offices, you’ve definitely met Nathan.

We’re always impressed by his dedication to fitness, but his dedication to modern web standards and accessibility is what really gets us excited. With over 11 years of experience in various testing roles, Nathan is well-versed in quality assurance for mobile, web and interactive technologies. He’s worked to analyze and improve quality assurance testing processes and documentation in many different organizations, and his work at bv02 supports and strengthens our technical team.

When he isn’t making sure our work is in tip-top shape, or lifting very heavy things, you can find Nathan playing video games or enjoying the outdoors, whether it’s spending time in the sun or snowshoeing with his dog. He’s also passionate about travelling, so make sure to ask him about his next adventure!

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