Phil Champagne

Phil Champagne


“Chaos often breeds life, when order breeds habit.”

The Education of Henry Adams

Celebrities are often asked what they would be doing, were they not celebrities. When we asked Phil what he would be doing if he wasn’t bringing his web development skills to work at bv02, he answered without hesitation. Professional dodgeball player.

While he’s never had formal dodgeball training, Phil does bring a wealth of training and experience to his “day job” as a Developer at bv02. He holds certifications in Web Technology from BCIT and Computer Systems Operations from La Cite Collegiale, and has put them to work in roles at several prominent Ottawa-area web development companies. In these roles, Phil has developed websites on almost every major content management system: Drupal, RedDot, WordPress, Sitecore, Ingeniux, ExpressionEngine…you name it, he’s developed for it.

When he isn’t building websites or leading his dodgeball team to victory, Phil has a laundry list of different interests, ranging from SCUBA diving to music. Music, however, is no passing interest for Phil: not only has Phil been playing in bands for 15 years, he also has a recording studio in his house. If that doesn’t say “rock star,” well, we just don’t know what does.

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