Rebecca Dagenais

Rebecca Dagenais


“Design is the intermediary between information and understanding.”

Richard Grefé

It’s so much fun to make something yourself—something new, something useful, something beautiful or just something fun. There’s a joy in rolling up your sleeves and creating…anything, really. And when a sense of artistry combines with this Do-It-Yourself industriousness, the result will be some really great creations. If you don’t believe us, just watch Rebecca work for a few hours. An artist at heart, a designer by vocation and a maker by inclination, Rebecca has a gift for creativity and creation. She thrives on the rush you get when you have worked so long and so hard on something and you take a step back at the end and realize you created something amazing.

It was her love of art that drew her to the design world. Despite her obvious artistic ability, Rebecca knew she wasn’t going to spend her life painting or drawing, but she could still spend it creating beautiful things. Leaving her hometown of Pembroke, Ontario, Rebecca enrolled in the Graphic Design program at Algonquin College. And it was at Algonquin that she quickly realized that digital was the future of design. From websites and apps to infographics and digital marketing campaigns, she loves designing for the web. This makes her a particularly good fit for bv02. Everyday, she gets to apply her artistic talent to the world of communication, bringing ideas, patterns and user experiences to life.

If you ask Rebecca what she’s doing outside of work, she’ll probably give you a list of other DIY projects she has on the go, but occasionally, she’ll kick back and relax. Sometimes, she’ll be playing cards or a board game with friends. Other times, she’ll be outside enjoying nature, maybe sitting around a bonfire and roasting marshmallows.

Rebecca is an utter joy to have around the bv02 office. Her personality, her friendliness and her exuberant laughter help make the agency come alive. She’s the consummate team player who cares about the work she does and, just as importantly, the people she does it with. If you visit bv02, you won’t be able to miss the good cheer and positive vibes she exudes.

It seems creating a great workplace is just one more of her DIY projects.

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