Rob Ferguson

Rob Ferguson

Branding Strategist and Content Maven

“He who has the best ideas has the floor.”

Partha Bose, McKinsey Quarterly

For every client who wants to know “what will cause people to support us?”, Rob Ferguson has an answer. He is a strategic thinker focused on the impact that ideas and content have on extending brand awareness about leadership. He understands that the story told by most organizations requires too much explanation, and consequently they struggle with how to tell the public what they do, and how to get their message out. For 20 years, his consulting has helped organizations like hospitals, museums, universities, government agencies and professional service firms understand themselves and promote their core strengths. Leveraging his background in publishing, he helps clients answer “who are we?” by developing strategic and authoritative narratives that can be used to reinforce core values, make the case for change, motivate people to overcome obstacles, and engage stakeholders in the lasting purpose of their institution; unified and coherent storylines that capture core brand messages, and makes the organization distinctive and uniquely worthy of support.

As a writer, he has been a keen observer and critic of nonprofit institutions, specifically with museums. At Muse magazine, the journal of the Canadian Museums Association, Rob was asked by his editor to be “a provocateur.” Only too happy to comply, he became the magazine’s long time “Identity Crisis” columnist where he found himself under the skin of conventional-thinking museum directors, marketers and curators for years. One place that did pay attention was the Vancouver Aquarium and Marine Science Centre; Rob’s work has been integral in helping the Aquarium achieve its strategic goal to become a known, trusted and valued global leader. He has advised its team about how to develop the voice it needs–to help engage the conservation and environmental interests of diverse audiences so the Aquarium can stand out in a cluttered marketplace, and be recognized for being at the centre of a public conversation about marine science. Digital content will be the cornerstone for building brand awareness and achieving its goal of reaching out to 100 million people.

With years of publishing, brand strategy and content development leadership behind him, Rob helps inspire bv02’s dynamic team of storytellers, content creators and producers through the process of developing new digital experiences for clients, so they can effectively and actively communicate their respective brands, expertise and missions to new audiences around the world.

When he isn’t focused on identity issues, Rob loves tennis, really enjoys alpine skiing, plays golf badly, and stays in shape cycling and walking his two hounds. Over the years, he’s been an active volunteer, guiding visually-impaired alpine skiers, coaching Special Olympics team sports, and coaching and organizing youth hockey and basketball. He is also a compulsive reader who enjoys The New York Times, The New Yorker, and lists among his favourite books The Danger Tree (John Macfarlane), John A. Macdonald: The Young Politican and The Old Chieftain (Donald Creighton), Team of Rivals (Doris Kearns Goodwin), and anything written by Roger Angell. His music playlist usually features Oscar Peterson, Chris Botti or Nat King Cole, but The Eagles, Chicago, and Earth Wind and Fire make occasional appearances.

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