Thomas Girard

Thomas Girard


“From one thing, know ten thousand things.”

Miyamoto Musashi

When he isn’t writing code, Thomas pursues a different kind of writing entirely: children’s books. In his spare time, Thomas has written and illustrated a children’s book, “The Nameless Treasure,” and has another one in the works. He’s creative like that.

Thomas’ creative streak extends from children’s books to all aspects of his job as a web developer at bv02. He’s had over 7 years of development experience working with clients including Rogers, Virgin, Ipsos Reid and Telus. His talents lie in backend PHP coding, and database architecture and administration, and his creativity allows him to create elegant, simple solutions to even the most challenging development or technical issues.

In addition to client work, he pursues a variety of personal projects, including developing his own content management system (CMS). His system is currently in use on over 20 live websites, including a game for Ipsos Reid. He’s also in the process of developing a new video game, and we’ll make sure to get the inside scoop on any upcoming release dates.

When he isn’t busy creating content management systems or children’s books, you can find Thomas reading, playing board games or hanging out with his cats. He also makes time in his busy schedule to illustrate some hilarious Post-It notes that you can find around the office. If you follow any of the bv02 crew, you’re bound to see one of his witty post-its pop up in the feed. There’s no question that he’s got a knack for summing up “a thousand words” in a 3″ x 3″ box.

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