I’ve been saying businesses need to go mobile for over a year now.  That question isn’t up for debate, with mobile web traffic projected to surpass desktop browsing in the next few years, but the questions about technology remain.  Are platform-specific websites the way to go, with a site specifically built for iPhones and another for Android devices?  No.  In my video blog below, I take a look at why responsive design is what you need to be considering when thinking about the mobile web.

Andrew Milne on Responsive Design from bv02 on Vimeo.

To read more about the specifics of responsive design, here are some resources I’d recommend starting with.

John Polacek’s scrolling presentation about responsive design
A List Apart’s responsive web design article
Media Queries, a website that provide great examples of responsive web design
Net Magazine’s article on some common responsive design problems, and how to avoid them
Net Magazine’s tutorial on determining breakpoints

Get in touch with us if you’d like to further the discussion about how responsive web design can work for your business.

Image credit to John Polacek.

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