we have thrown out the old model of client-agency engagement. Typically the client provides the agency with a brief, the agency disappears to a magical location for several weeks only to return with a presentation. The agency silently hopes that the client will like it, because the majority of the budget and schedule have now vanished. This model seemed upside down to us, so we developed our own unique approach. If you hire us, you get us. We want you directly involved in the process. Lets get started.


Every project needs a purpose.  

Every project should have a plan, and no one knows your business better then you. Our people are not only brilliant strategists, but also equipped with the industry's leading tools and our own innovative methodology.

Here at bv02 we strongly believe that we serve our clients best when both sides collaborate, we do not believe in one sided conversations. 
Let's work together.



Every project should inspire.

bv02 loves to create, question, stimulate, design, laugh, and outperform. We believe that creativity produces outstanding results. We are designers, animators, videographers, directors, bloggers, musicians, programmers, dreamers, marketers, digital visionaries, business people and geeks. 

We are a team of talented individuals who breathe life into each and every one of our projects.
Engage with our creative team.



Every project should have life.

Semantic mark-up? Done. SEO? Check. In this part of the game, knowledge is key. Our extensive and ever expanding technological know-how allows us to build solid functional structure around any intricate concepts our imaginations come up with.

No one at bv02 lives within the confines of a single role. We involve our technical expertise throughout our entire proccess to ensure nothing is missed. More on our technical solutions.