social media

is more than a platform like Twitter or Facebook. It's an entirely different approach to business. It allows your customers to get to know the real you, and ultimately leaves them with a sense of comfort knowing that they're in good hands. It has the ability to spread word faster than ever before, which makes it a pretty powerful tool for a business like yours. 


If you don't know where you're going, how will you know when you get there? Before delving into social media, objectives need to be determined for return on investment goals. Are you looking to increase awareness? Increase sales? Improve customer satisfaction? Engage constituents? Figuring out how you can best use social media for business purposes, and then aligning measurable objectives will get you on track for carrying out a successful social media strategy.


Relationships are not built through a broadcast, they are built through communication. Getting involved in social media takes a human approach to communication, as well as commitment, and a strategy to make sure you're making the most of your time. Strategy for social media varies for every company, but bv02's approach is always: Research, monitor, evaluate, set objectives, develop strategy, implement strategy, measure strategy vs. objectives, then alter strategy as required.

community management

Managing a community is a mix between networking, sales, customer relationship management, and public relations. bv02's social media strategists integrate themselves deep into your organization to learn about your company, your culture, your processes, and most importantly, your employees and constituents so that conversation around your brand is fueled continuously and effectively.


Social media isn't something that's picked up easily. It requires understanding the different types of users, different tools, and combining strategy to communicate effectively. bv02 provides comprehensive, tailored training sessions for using social media tools, communicating with your community, and executing your social media strategy. 

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