technical development

is not for the faint of heart. You can't bluff your way through. You can't just cross your fingers and 'hope' the client likes it. You either know your stuff or you don't. You either fix the problem, or you create a bigger one. There's no need to try and talk a good game.  You can either deliver, or well, you can't.

Technical Development

Content Management & Technology Solutions 

Content Managements Systems (CMS) allows clients to effectively manage their own website content. Content editing and updating is maintained simply and efficiently, paving the way for up to date and timely content that keeps online users coming back for more. We are a Sitecore Certified Partner and a member of the ExpressionEngine Professionals Network, two industry-leading content management systems, and examples of our Sitecore and ExpressionEngine work can be found on our Work pages.

Intranets & Portals

We approach employee intranets and enterprise portals the way we do public sites: with user friendly design. There is no reasons that employees should not have the same experience as their customers. We provide strategic portal package selection, design and development. We look to reduce costs, generate revenue and increase employee satisfaction.

Rich Internet Applications

Rich Internet Applications provide the end user with an interface that is faster and more responsive than traditional applications. Providing an unparalleled interactive web experience, Rich Internet Applications provided by bv02 enable businesses to improve productivity, implement advanced communication systems, and provide a higher level of service to customers.

Quality Assurance

The best testing strategy comes from understanding your pain points. Our team of quality assurance specialists design testing plans that focus on your most valuable assets: brand reputation, customer confidence, perception of quality for your products and services. We guard them all zealously. And we use a systematic testing approach, and mix in a lot of flexibility so that your project requirements are met.

e-Commerce Solutions 

Today's internet shoppers are more savvy than ever when it comes to navigating storefronts and purchasing online. Using the best technology solutions available today and our marketing experience, bv02 can build an online retail environment from scratch or take an underperforming store and make it sparkle.