Staying Productive


Working in web, it’s always easy to get distracted. Between social networks like Facebook and Twitter, pop culture aggregators like Reddit and being e-mailed cute videos of kittens, interruptions are part of my routine.

As great as the web is at causing distractions, it also has some amazing tools to stay organized. Cloud-based webapps are a great way to sync data across multiple locations without carrying a USB drive ( even if it is shaped like Darth Vader ).


I hate post-it notes. I have several moleskine notebooks and a bad habit of misplacing them. Enter evernote. Every time I find myself writing notes, I add them to Evernote. My Evernote account is accessible from anywhere (I’m currently writing this post from Evernote on my phone) and it’s free.


If you ever work remotely, Dropbox is a must. Dropbox gives you an online storage space similar to MobileMe’s iDisk. The major difference is that your Dropbox folder is synced across all your computers automatically, so all your files are ready to go wherever you are.


Things is a simple to-do list app for the Mac and iPhone (sorry, Windows users). You can organize tasks by project, set due dates and sync to-do lists with iCal. My only real complaint is it doesn’t support Growl notifications out of the box.

This isn’t a definitive list, just a few ways I have to keep up in a fast-paced environment.


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