Nothing Gold Can Stay (SXSW Wrap Up)


What can I say about my last couple days at south by… Holy Crap is the only thing that comes to mind. I think I’m just going to have to braindump everything, so bear with me.

Went to a panel where Al Gore and Sean Parker were discussing social media and the democratic process. Both firmly believe that SM is the first step towards reforming the democratic process in the US and helping remove control of the country from big corporations or lobby groups.

Met Gary Vaynerchuck on 6th street (without the entourage) nice to see how down to earth he is. I ended up going to a panel later where Gary was talking with Tim Ferris, Chase Jarvis, JR Johnson, and Tony Conrad about venture capitalism, high profile advisors, and how to survive the startup/advisor relationship.

Got to talk video and opportunity with the Bui brothers who were just featured in Vimeo video school.

Went for a ride in the HootSuite bus, and got to talk social with Matt Switzer about business and HootSuite.

Spent a day in sessions where I went from Tim O’Reilly, to Ray Kurzweil, to Biz Stone, to Al Gore. What a brain explosion.

Met all kinds of fantastic and awesome folks. Had dinner and talked shop with some of the brightest minds in the business, making me realize bv02 is on the bleeding edge of what we are doing with culture, transit, and the web.

Seriously though. Al Gore! WTF.

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