Not that long ago we watched movies in disbelief as our favorite action star gathered data from his wrist watch, then had a video conference call from a monitor embedded in the dash of his car. A few years later, this no longer seems that far fetched, in fact, it’s reality and we are now calling this collection of connected devices as “the internet of things”. By 2015, Cisco’s Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) predicts that there will be 25 billion devices connected to the internet. The internet of things is moving past your phone and into things like your coffee maker, your car starter or home thermostat.

As the list of connected devices continue to grow, they will open up new marketplaces and present new opportunities. How does your business look when you start putting it on the internet of things? How does it fit into this new reality where content is being collected and transmitted all the time? And what can you do to your business to capitalize on the opportunities this will bring?

Take a look at Matt Turck’s article Making Sense Of The Internet Of Things to get a better understanding of this rapidly growing phenomenon . The Internet of Things: In action by Lauren Fisher highlights examples of connected devices in objects, the cloud and even the body.

This is no longer the future, it’s happening now.

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