Why a Digital Audit is Important for Success in 2017


Audit is a scary word.

Yes, words like digital audit, web audit and SEO audit are scary, but in reality they’re a chance for an exciting opportunity. A digital audit will give you the knowledge you need to enhance online story, presence, credibility and accessibility, and to build meaningful engagements.

The internet is constantly changing, and these changes affect a website’s performance. For starters, search engines are constantly updating algorithms. This will change how users find sites, and how you’ll rank in search results. The threats to your data, among other assets, is increasing at an alarming rate; security not only needs to be updated periodically for the sake of yours and your audience’s information, but Google also gives preference to sites that have strong updated security. A digital audit is something that will help you generate leads, increase credibility, and solve issue you didn’t even know were stopping you from success.

A digital audit is an opportunity to examine your website’s overall performance in an in-depth manner.

During a digital audit, we will evaluate:

The obvious things: Alternative Text, Amount of Content, Missing Files, Broken Links, Contact Details, Error Pages, Facebook, Freshness, Headings, Internal search, Languages, Open graph, Popularity, Printability, Readability, Search Engine Rank, Search Engine Results, Social Interest, Speed, Spelling, Stylesheets, Twitter, Typosquatting, URL Format, W3C Compliance.

To the NOT so obvious things: Engagement, Usage, Location, Key Drivers, Content and Findability to name a few.

An audit is one of the first steps you should consider to ensure your platform’s success. It is essential to determine what’s working for your visitors and what isn’t, so you can anticipate what they might want next. An audit will provide a report on every element of the criteria listed above. It will give each item a score based on effectiveness and any other relevant factors. From there, we can develop a digital strategy based on data. This is how you will reach your digital potential.

In 2017, it’s more important than ever to be aware of how your website and digital footprint are performing. Digital spending is at an all-time high and it’s only getting started. Forrester, a leading research and advisory firm, predicts that investment budgets for digital transformation will surpass $1 billion USD in 2017, with some leading brands investing twice that much.What this means is that your competition is investing in building better online engagements in order to take a greater share of the marketplace.

Don’t have $1 billion to spend on a digital ecosystem? That’s ok; you don’t have to in order be successful. If you start with a digital audit, you’ll know how to get the most out of your digital investments. You’ll be able to develop a focused and efficient digital strategy, no billion dollars necessary.

bv02’s digital audit is an easy way for you to get a sense of where you are today and how you can start building a plan for 2017 and beyond. Have any questions about an audit or how we can revitalize your digital footprint? We’d be happy to chat with you about how to get more out of your online presence.

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